Welcome to quakesay. This little tool is designed to make the creation of ingame-says in different text-styles for excessiveplus easier.
Just enter the words you like to say, press go, and you will get your result.
This is not for nicknames. This is only for ingame-chat!
New: Try out quakecolor ;)


>> WTF is this?

Most likely you know how to create names in different styles by using the qname.exe.
You can create chat-messages in different text-styles by using a special code and bind them on specific keys. quakesay generates this code for you.

no text-style:
text-style 01:
text-style 02:

To bind chat-messages on a specific key, write into your q3config.cfg or into your ingame-console:
bind "KEY" "say MESSAGE"
So if you want to bind hello in text-style 1 on the key F3 you have to write:
bind "F3" "say +i#+f#+m#+m#+p#"
Hint: These text-styles cannot be colored. They always stay white.
I hope quakesay makes your scripting a bit easier! Good hunting,